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On The Road Photography


Photography is an avenue to not just see, but understand a different way of life from our own. In these workshops we will focus on examining the street life around us from different points of view and find the light within those moments to capture a meaningful photograph.

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Rome, City Center


Mesopotamia, Turkey


Photography Courses


Our photography courses are held in English and Italian and are designed for photographers of all levels who are interested in short and long-term workshop series. You will learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places in and around Rome. 

Basic Photography Technique

Street Photography

Documentary + Portfolio Development

history + archeology + photography


Walks In Rome


We offer walking tours in Rome with L’Asino D’oro Archeologists. Moving slowly, at a photographer’s pace that will inspire you to soak in the depth of the beauty around. All photographers and history buffs are welcome-- from enthusiasts to professionals.

We will be looking through our lens at the Street Life of Rome, ancient and contemporary.