On this tour, we will discover the life of Istanbul’s vibrant streets, anchored between those famed icons and monuments. We will see how the pace of life ebbs and flows and even joining in to take our photos of that moment.

Learning about the culture through our cameras. I lived in Istanbul for many years and have many favorite locations to share with visiting photographers, which we can explore together, offering unique opportunities to expand your own points of view.


Each day we will visit a different part of Istanbul, characterized by its own unique history and steeped in local life. We begin each day at 9 am, taking advantage of the morning light on the water and the different ways the city wakes up and prepares for the day. Throughout the day, we will explore the neighborhoods with out camera and rest in a quaint café or art center — a very important part of local culture. Each evening, we will come together to review the shots from the day, working out way towards a final portfolio of Istanbul.

Tour DATES: 

August 26-31, 2019

Spring - 2020

Do you have a date in mind? If you have a group of 6+ travelers and photography lovers that would like to go to Istanbul, let us know!


Istanbul, Turkey | Kadıköy - Eminönü - Balat - Taksim - Sultanahmet

Day 1 Arrive in the hotel in Kadıköy and meet for an evening walk near Bosphorus and have dinner in the area.

Day 2 Eminönü, Galata Bridge & Karaköy
Eminönü is the historical home of the Ottoman & Byzantine Empires. We will walk by Hagia Sofia, the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque and along the cobblestone streets lined with local shops. Between Eminönü & Karaköy is an estuary that leads to the Bosporus and a bridge above, called Galata. This bridge is noted for the people fishing, the restaurants, street sellers and many boats passing below. It is full of life. With a background to one side of the Golden Horn and the other, the Bosphorus, it is a photographer’s delight. We then come to Karaköy--this is another historical area of Istanbul. Noted for its architecture, small fish bazaar and lively waterfront at sunset.

Day 3 Haliç, Balat, Eyüp & Pierre Loti
We will pass Bosphorus by boat and go at the Eminönü ferry station and walk along the waterfront through the lively parks with families fishing, exercising and relaxing around a bbq. Just up the hill is a very distinctive neighborhood, Balat. This neighborhood is filled with bright colors, Greek and Armenian architecture and is a mix of contemporary history and contemporary art. Next we make our way to Eyüp, a neighborhood just next to Balat and once of the more religious areas of Istanbul. It is an interesting experience to see this side of the city, particularly during a call to prayer. Finally, we will take a cable car to the top of the hill called Pierre Loti—named for the famed French artist who made this a favorite lookout. Here, we will see some of the most beautiful vistas and panoramas of Istanbul.

Day 4  Karaköy, Taksim Square & Beyoğlu 
We meet and go together in the ferry to Eminönü and walk across the Galata Bridge to take the second oldest tram in the world to Taksim Square. From this huge square, we walk down the main street of Beyoğlu towards the Galata Tower. Marked by traditional architecture and vibrant city life, this area is one of the most active centers if Istanbul.

Day 5  Kadıköy, Beşiktaş & Üsküdar
We begin at the hotel and use the morning light flooding the neighborhood and the piers down on the waterfront. We will take a ferry over to Beşiktaş, an area of the city known for its morning hustle and bustle--a great place to take street photos. We will pause for lunch in one of the traditional restaurants nearby. After lunch, we will take the ferry back to Üsküdar which is one of the oldest areas in Istanbul. In the afternoon and evening, it is a picturesque place for couples and families to gather to watch the sun set behind the beautiful tower Kız Kulesi. And, if we are lucky, we might spot dolphins passing by!

Day 6 Breakfast and Back to the Airport 


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